Fixing the SDGC19 post-conference blues

My reflections and takeouts from Toronto

The Evergeen Brick Works conference venue during SDGC19

Great impact comes with great responsibility

“With great power comes great responsibility” — Uncle Ben from Spiderman 😉

Aren’t we making things too big? Have we bitten off more than we can chew?

It’s all about power

Citizen participation ladder (Image: Arnstein, 1969)

Who’s in and who is out, and who gets to decide?

Design for AI humans

AI is there to stay, and as service designers we need to be ready.

AI as one of the five trends in service design, identified by Jesse Grimes. (Image: Jesse Beem)

Can we go to Fogo Island?

“Community is one of the basic building blocks of human life.”

The Fogo Island Inn. Can I go there please? (Image: Timothy Neesam)

Collaboration: With vs For?

Which member of a sports team are you? (Images: Unsplash)

Design for trust & emotion

Steph Hay on designing for emotion. (Image: Service Design Network)

Honorable mentions

The beautiful city of Toronto. (Image: Syed Ahmed)

Service Designer @ KLM Royal Dutch Airlines | Thoughts on (service) design, design books and other random things.

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